Company Profile

Our company launched Geocell on the Czech and Slovak markets. Delivery of our products includes installation and full technical and geotechnical support.

Research, development and innovation are our main priorities. We hold several notable patents. In 2006, we began cooperating with European Union funds, with the objective of supporting development of our patent for the CR No. 296488.

In 2008, we bought an ultrasonic line for the production of the cellular confinement system (geocell). We will consider your concrete requests on quality / price and provide you with our product from the Czech Republic, or we will recommend and mediate your purchase with our foreign partners.

On October 7, 2008 I, as an individual, obtained US patent No. US 7,431,536 B2, for the whole territory of the United States of America, for my method of building flat foundations for floors. In 2009, our BENDA TRADE division penetrated the USA market with the objective of applying this American patent. To provide for the protection of our intellectual property, we started our cooperation with an international law firm in 2008.



2000 - 2009

  • Company established
  • Sole distributor; Geocell product (cellular confinement system, geocell) launched on the Czech and Slovak markets.
  • Building works including full technical and geotechnical support.


  • Start of research, development and innovation of the cellular confinement system (geocell).
  • A method of building flat foundations for floors - WEBFLOOR®.
  • Utility model No. 13384 for the Czech Republic.
  • Application for PCT/CZ 2003/000051 –US patent pending.


  • Utility model No. 3775 for the Slovak Republic.


  • Czech PATENT No. 296488.
  • Start of cooperation with European Union funds.


  • USA PATENT – US 7,431,536 B2 (method of building a flat foundation for a floor) issued at the name of the company’s executive – Ing. Jiri Benda.
  • A new ultrasonic cellular confinement system (geocell) production line purchased.
  • New utility models No. 18528 and 18456 for the Czech Republic obtained, new patents applied for in the Czech Republic.
  • New applications for utility models in the Slovak Republic, new patents applied for in the Slovak Republic.
  • New international PCT applications.


  • The division penetrates the US market.
  • Application for US PATENT - US 7,431,536 B2.
  • International legal intellectual property protection.
  • Development of activities connected with research, development and innovation.
  • Research, development and innovation centre for construction testing.

BENDA Trade - cena roku 2009WEBFLOOR, the patented method for floor foundation, was awarded the first prize as the Technology of 2009.

BENDA Trade - technology awards 2009